Sunsets and the joy that comes with them.

This evening I met up with my good friend Lyndon to go to a new coffee shop, Brakeman's. Almost everyone I know has hyped it up to the point where I'm like," Why haven't I been there yet?" The coffee shop, a refurbished 1925-era home, was nice and cozy inside. As for the coffee, I'll be honest. I got a chai latte and wasn't impressed. I expected so much more! Maybe I didn't get what they're known for? It's a coffee shop though so it should all be good right? Either way the place has a great vibe especially in downtown Matthews and I'll have to come back for a latte or something. 

We were walking out of Brakeman's when the sun was setting in an amazing way. Orange, yellow, purple, and blue.. enough colors to make you think it we were at a pride festival. No seriously it was cool looking. Me being me, I had to take some photos and portraits of Lyndon (beware: if you're with me I will most likely take a photo of you). Here are some from about 5 min of shooting. 


I'd say it was a great five minutes. It's so refreshing to just whip out your camera and get some photos you didn't actually hate. It makes me happy.

So there you go, those are sunsets and the joy that comes with them.